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What can I compost?


Rake raking up dried leaves on ground


YES - Leaves, tree branches, stumps, limbs (up to 4 feet in length and less than 60 pounds)

Pile of cut grass in lawn with trees in background


YES - Grass

Collage of fruits and vegetables and peels


YES - Fruits and veggies

Yard and garden materials in a pile


YES - Yard and garden

Coffee grounds, egg shells and other fruit in a pile


YES - Coffee grounds, coffee filters, tea bags and egg shells

Pine cones, pine needles and leaves on the ground


YES - Pine cones and needles



Milk, cream, butter and other dairy products with a blue background


NO - Dairy

Bottles of oil and butter on a wooden table


NO - Fats, oils and grease

Dog sitting on grass looking up at camera


NO - Pet waste

Four white plastic pages with items inside


NO - Plastics

Loaf of bread, dried pasta, rolls, dried popcorn, wheat in a collage


NO - Grains, bread and pasta

Red meat, hot dogs, raw chicken, raw fish on a cutting board


NO - Meat, fish and bones