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Needles, sharps, and syringes

Diseases such as Hepatitis A and C, and HIV can be transmitted from needle sticks. Needles, sharps (lancets) and syringes should be safely managed to prevent injury and disease transmission.

DO FOLLOW these simple steps for safe disposal of sharps:

  • Purchase commercially available sharps container.
  • With permanent marker label container, "USED HOUSEHOLD SHARPS - DO NOT RECYCLE"
  • Add sharps point-first into container.
  • Keep lid on at all times to prevent spills and decrease needle stick hazards.
  • Fill container as much as possible with sharps. You must be able to close container lid.
  • When full, cap container with lid and duct tape shut.
  • Place in trash.


  • Throw loose sharps in the trash.
  • Flush used needles down the toilet.
  • Place sharps or full sharps containers in recycling or compost carts.