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The City of Boise collects an average of 250 tons of glass per month. The collection of glass bottles and jars reduces carbon emissions and ensures a long-term, economical, and efficient program for city residents and businesses. The City partners with Environmental Abrasives to crush glass bottles and jars for reuse.

Curbside Glass Collection

We offer curbside glass collection for residents and businesses in addition to glass drop-off collection sites.

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Please provide the following information:

  • Name on account
  • Account number
  • Contact name and phone number (if different from name on account)


  • Size: 65-gallon with reflective decals on the lid and around the body.
  • Monthly fee: $6.06 per cart. If service is cancelled, a cart removal fee will be imposed.
  • Maximum number of carts:
    • Residents - 1
    • Businesses - 2
  • Schedule
    Glass is collected every four weeks on your scheduled collection day. Visit Republic Services Glass Collection to find out which day glass will be collected in your area, then view the monthly collection calendar. For more information about glass collection, contact Republic Services at 208-345-1266


  • Set out the cart by 7:00 a.m. and place the cart at least three feet away from other carts.
  • All glass must be placed inside the glass cart AND the lid must close. Do not overfill the cart. (Overfilled carts will spill glass into the street when the cart is emptied into the truck.)
  • Only empty glass bottles and jars will be collected. Broken bottles and jars are okay. Discard lids, caps, and corks and lightly rinse the container. Mirrors, windows, Pyrex, dishes, fish tanks, light bulbs, or ceramics are not accepted.
  • Do not place trash or non-glass recyclables in the "Glass Only" cart.


Drop Off Glass Collection

Drop off glass at any of the collection sites located throughout Boise for free. Sites are open 7 days a week.

Please note: Many sites are located in residential areas. We ask customers to use glass drop off sites no later than 10 p.m. to reduce late night noise disruption to surrounding neighborhoods.


  • All types of glass bottles and jars (clear and colored) are accepted.
  • Remove lids, caps, plastic bags, and cardboard boxes before depositing glass.
  • Do not leave plastic or paper bags, cardboard boxes, or garbage at the drop-off sites.
  • Mirrors, windows, Pyrex, dishes, fish tanks, fluorescent light bulbs, or ceramics are not accepted.

Map of Drop Off Locations