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Learn where common plastic items go by watching this short video.

As residents, you can help the recycling system work well by putting the right things in the recycle cart and keeping the wrong things out.

We know the new recycling restrictions can be confusing, so we've developed information to help residents navigate through the complexity.  Check our comprehensive lists of what goes in your recycle cart, Hefty® EnergyBag® orange bag and trash cart or view our home reference guide (PDF), detailed plastics guide (PDF).


Where does it go?


Home Reference Guide

Guia De Referencia

Designed for residents who prefer to quickly check where items go, the Home Reference Guide shows where to put common paper, plastic, metal, and other items.

  • Level of Detail: Basic
  • Best For: Recyclers who want to focus on a few items.

HOME REFERENCE GUIDE - Use this guide for basic information where to put everyday items. (Click image to download)

Detailed Plastics Guide

Tu Guia Para Manejar Plasticos

Designed for residents who prefer to go into depth with different plastic types and put more plastic items into the recycle cart and Hefty® EnergyBag® orange bag.

  • Level of Detail: Advanced
  • Best For: Recyclers who want to sort by using numbers.

DETAILED PLASTICS GUIDE - Use this guide for more in depth information about where to put different plastics. (Click image to download)

Black and white version of detailed guide (Download this PDF)