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Carry-Out Service

Curbside carry-out service requires that trash and recycling carts be visible from the street and clear, safe access be available. For example, you might set your cart out for collection in front of your garage door instead of bringing it to the curb.

Premium carry-out service is available for properties requiring access by private driveways, through gates, or when special collection trucks must be used.

Republic Services staff will retrieve, empty, and return the carts for either regular or premium carry-out service. Carts cannot be inside structures or behind fences. Republic Services will not retrieve carts where animals are present.

Customers requesting this special service must sign a carry-out agreement. There is an additional charge for carry-out service. Contact Boise City Utility Billing Services at 208-608-7460 for more information.

Service for people with disabilities

Customers who have qualified temporary or permanent disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act may receive free carry-out service. For more information, contact Boise City Utility Billing Services.